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Grimes Apiary

About Us

Our beekeeping interest started in 1981 when the owner, Donald Grimes, attended the Worcester county beekeepers associations’ annual bee school. After the completion of bee school, Donald purchased his first hive from legendary beekeeper Frank Lagrant of Ware, MA simply to have an agricultural hobby and because both his uncle and great uncle kept bees. He also found the hives very interesting and would sit by the hives watching the honeybees fly in and out wondering what actually was happening within the hive as a new beekeeper. Despite finding the honey bees interesting, he didn’t like the taste of the store-bought honey his parents had.

After Donald’s first year as a beekeeper he was only able to harvest 6 meager pounds of honey. While extracting the 6 pounds Donald decided to try the fresh honey from his hive and to his surprise it was actually delicious and nothing like the honey that his parents purchased from the grocery store.

Since attending bee school along with the knowledge and help from Frank Lagrant, it has now been 32 years since Donald purchased his first hive. With the support of family and friends, Grimes Apiary has evolved from a single hive in 1981 to a successful business serving the surrounding towns with 100% natural, pure, delicious raw honey and bee products.

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